ELITE Grassello


Elite Grassello

Elegance and sophistication, a product that is inspired by the ancient Venetian plaster of Venice and the typical veining of marble. 

Elite Grassello is a mineral based product made from a particular seasoned slaked lime that grants the product great wear resistance, high steam resistance and low dust retention. It is also low in VOS's and resists mould and bacteria making it a great product for the inside of your home or commercial project.

Elite Grassello is one of our  best selling Venetian Plasters. Elite Grassello is smooth, easy to work with and boasts a sophisticated marble like gloss level. 

Perfect for all applications.

Spread rate: 0.8 – 1 Kg/m2

Elite Grassello

Application process of ELITE Grassello

ELITE Grassello Colour Palette

ELITE Colour Palette (pdf)


ELITE Grassello TDS

Elite Grassello TDS (pdf)